As a child we all have that urge to explore . . . to climb that tree up the backyard . . . to go with dad down to the shops to pick up some 'no more gaps' and the bread and milk for mum, just because you can . . .to dig that super deep hole in the sand pit on the off chance that you may find that buried treasure everyone carries on about . . . lifting every big rock or log you can find to see if there is a weird creepy crawly you haven't seen before . . . to peek through the crack in the fence to see what lurks in the neighbours yard and stir up their dog . . .

But for many of us this itch to explore stays with you beyond childhood.

Soon enough what lies in the neighbour's yard and trips down to Bunnings just is not enough, the rest of the world is whispering out you're name, calling you to come and play. The sights, smells and experiences are out there waiting for you . . . . and for some of us lucky ones, we answer to its call.

Welcome to the blog of the Colhoun sisters, two lucky little ladies who have begun their quest for Global Domination.

Follow us to share the sights, smells and sticky situations we will encounter over the next 12 months while traveling the UK & Europe. Laugh with us, cry with us and soak up all that the world has to offer - after all, you only live once!

- Ashley & Hayley

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Music - Soothes the Soul or Awakens the Beast?

I think its amazing how music can dramatically alter ones mood - don't you agree that its just amazing how much a song can affect you?

I was at work earlier today, running around like a blue ass fly, busy as anything, stressed out to the max and feeling like wandering out the back and shooting myself in the head when this really crazy flamenco song came on over the bar.

Now let me tell you, the minute I heard this song I was shaking my booty like no black mamma can (no racial intentions there, black women have the most beautiful big bootys and they can move like no other, I was merely stating that my booty shaking was of impeccable standards . . .  naturally), I was completely BUSTING A MOVE, the customers found it funny, as did my teammates, however it took me a little while to remember that I was in a public place filled with hundreds of people, and they were ALL watching me . . . .

Despite the overwhelming embarrassment I was feeling much better, not so stressed, in fact, dare I utter the words, but . . . . . I may have even been having a little bit of  . . . . . oh dear, here it comes . . . . FUN

So this revelation led me to have a think about all my 'Music induced moods' which Im sure after reading through them you can picture yourself

Angus & Julia Stone & Jack Johnson - Chilled ouuuuutttt, with a small hint of homesickness and nostalgia

Nickleback & ACDC - Pumped up & slightly aggressive expressed through rock chick head movements and air guitar playing

Infected Mushroom & Skitzmix - A little crazeeee, bouncy bouncy, oodles of energy, want to run around in a paddock at 2am while wearing a glow in the dark jumpsuit and twirling glow sticks

Eminem & Any other Gansta Rapper - Kranky, up for a fight, walking with a bit of bad ass swagger & sitting so far back while driving that you need to wear stilts just to reach the accelerator

Beyonce, Christina Aguilera & other Strong Independent voices - Empowered, oozing with confidence coupled with a bit of booty shaking or belting out mega love ballads at the top of our lungs, thinking we sound awesome, when reality is we sound like a buffalo in heat

Ministry of Sound - Always, without fail, when pumped loud enough, makes you want to go out to the pub and party with you're mates

Enya - Puts you to sleep - INSTANTLY

Mumford & Sons - Makes you want to slap you're knee and bob you're head like those hillbilly folk and sing along with great internal instrumental passion

In fact, music is alot like drugs, you have the uppers, the downers, the ones that make you cranky, the ones that put you to sleep, relax you, make you shake you're booty, the list is endless.

No wonder there is money to be made in the music industry, essentially its just one MASSIVE drug syndicate pushing its many consumables onto the world's population, young and old, rich & poor, educated and not so much so.

My new life aspiration - to be a tune pimp & groove pusher

See you on the flipside homies

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