As a child we all have that urge to explore . . . to climb that tree up the backyard . . . to go with dad down to the shops to pick up some 'no more gaps' and the bread and milk for mum, just because you can . . .to dig that super deep hole in the sand pit on the off chance that you may find that buried treasure everyone carries on about . . . lifting every big rock or log you can find to see if there is a weird creepy crawly you haven't seen before . . . to peek through the crack in the fence to see what lurks in the neighbours yard and stir up their dog . . .

But for many of us this itch to explore stays with you beyond childhood.

Soon enough what lies in the neighbour's yard and trips down to Bunnings just is not enough, the rest of the world is whispering out you're name, calling you to come and play. The sights, smells and experiences are out there waiting for you . . . . and for some of us lucky ones, we answer to its call.

Welcome to the blog of the Colhoun sisters, two lucky little ladies who have begun their quest for Global Domination.

Follow us to share the sights, smells and sticky situations we will encounter over the next 12 months while traveling the UK & Europe. Laugh with us, cry with us and soak up all that the world has to offer - after all, you only live once!

- Ashley & Hayley

Friday, 15 April 2011

Important Announcement - Take note

Attention all . . . . I would like to make an important announcement regarding vitality and the value of something we all take for granted at times . . . . . .
A full and happy belly.

On arriving here in Brentwood, with very little money and an extremely unhygienic and poorly equipped kitchen, Hayley and I had to find a way of adequately feeding ourselves with a seriously tight budget and no tools of the trade.

Hayley's ingenious solution to our dilemma was something that was very cheap, tasty, filling, easily customised to suit the individual, easy to make & requires only milk or water and a heat source.

Yes people, I am talking about the one, the only, legendary . . . . . PORRIDGE

This simple box of oats has provided us with breakfast, lunch and dinner on many of the desperate occasion, and every time we have sat back after eating and were both satisfied and had a full and happy belly - IT CANT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT!

So this short, but important post is just to say hats off to the unsung hero hiding in the back of everyones pantry, the legendary Porridge ~ Oh how we love you

So next time you're belly has a little grumble and is feeling a little neglected reach into the back of you're pantry, dust off the porridge box and whip yourself up some delicious warm porridge.

And when you're sitting back in you're chair dwelling in its awesomeness, think of us . . . . on the other side of the world, sharing you're love and appreciation for that amazing little box of oats.

Thank you for your time and attention

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